Getting to know…Alice

Alice Young loves her music. South Carolina-born Eartha Kitt sings perfect French to Alice’s ear, and Sam Cooke moves her like a Tombigbee river reed. After stepping off the bus in New Jessup, Alabama, Hydrangeas of New Jessup follows Alice as she learns to love again, laugh again, fuss, fight, live, and trust again. ItContinue reading “Getting to know…Alice”

Not Staying for Dessert

“But my heart feels heavier from the effort than when I began. Because I am both too visible—too angry, loud, opinionated—and invisible—because the people who make the decisions choose not to see me or hear my words. But this heavy, beating heart thumping in my chest and coursing hot blood through my veins reminds meContinue reading “Not Staying for Dessert”